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That noble pursuit of Falconry. An art form practised for Centuries.
Perfect for parties, at home or going out. Enjoy Royal Falcon any way you like.


Score Energy Drink

Score is made from premium filtered water is rich in B vitamins
and since it doesn't contain taurine, Score leaves you
with an exceptional aftertaste that is appreciated all over the world.


Château Del Rei

Embrace instant celebration with the fabulous flair of
Château Del Rei, a range of sparkling wines conveniently
packaged in a can for any occasion.



A Standard Gold Energy Cider made from premium pressed
apples and Guarana. This natural energy stimulant is for
the bold and aspiring among us.


A Fruits and Wines Distribution Company

Center Sourcing SA’s diverse capabilities are centred on our core belief that every person should have the best wine and fresh fruits South Africa and the world has to offer.

It is this passion that has driven the company to grow exponentially, offering customers consistent quality and end-to-end service in the areas of sourcing, marketing and distribution.

Our vision is to grow and stand with the world’s top distributors of fresh fruits and wine, to create new opportunities, expand services and be open to new markets. This service was revolutionary when we started a long time ago, and we’ll continue to strive for excellence to bring the very best to our clients.


This service was revolutionary when we started a long time ago, and we’ll continue to strive for excellence to bring the very best to our clients.


Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we have worked hard for many years to build and maintain our reputation as one of the leaders in sourcing and distribution. With a long and proud history in the Wine and Fruit industry, we have always provided the highest quality fresh fruit and well-selected wines to our customers.

As a well renowned wholesaler, we only select from the best brands and partners to guarantee our customers receive unmatched quality. Seasonality is a key factor in the wine and fruits we distribute during the year, so we employ on-going communication strategies with our customers to ensure they take full advantage of the most seasonal wine and fruit available. These are just a few reasons why you will not find a more customer-focused fruit supplier and wine wholesaler in South Africa.

Our Partners

Center Sourcing SA has invested in South Africa to take the business to the next level, extending the company’s ability to further capitalise opportunities in the marketplace – both domestically and globally.

Our Services

Center Sourcing SA provides a range of services which can be tailored to meet specific needs. Our work strategy is shaped to maximise supply chain efficiencies and accommodate a range of packaging options.

Our Quality

We ensure all of our products and facilities adhere to international quality standards,  which is why Center Sourcing is accredited with the Food Safety & Quality Assurance South Africa – DAFF standards.

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